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Blueberry Haus History

Since 1987 the Knock Family has owned and operated the Blueberry Haus (U-pick blueberry field) located in the quaint village of Guilford, VT.  The Blueberry Haus started off as a self serve, u-pick operation where the towns people could come and pick their own blueberries.  Over the past few years we saw the need for people to be able to get local produce on their way through Guilford.  We started to carry native sweet corn and other miscellaneous vegetables in the Blueberry Haus.  We quickly discovered that we were running out of room and would need to expand our operation by building another building.

In the spring of “2006” we started the new produce building and by early summer we were getting close to opening for the blueberry season.  With the new building almost finished we started wondering what we would do with the original building.  It was then that Brenda started thinking about an ice cream stand.  She had us tie the two buildings together with a boardwalk, put up her signs... and was ready to open two weeks later!! 

Quiet Country Charm

Come and enjoy the peaceful charm of Guilford while relaxing in a country setting.  Treat yourself to some homemade baked goods while trying to decide which one of the many flavors of ice cream you will try this time through Guilford.

Goldfish Pond

The kids (okay... grown-ups also) will delight in seeing the goldfish pond.  And... if you look very closely, you might  even find “Mr. Croaker”!!

“Ephesians 5:20”    Giving thanks always  for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

many thanks for a great season


Closed for the season

We will open again next year on Friday May 1st

Phone:  (802) 257-0068

Cell: 802) 233-7483